A day in the life of…an audit student

Faulkner family_sml

Debb and Andrew ‘Drew’ Faulkner with their family.

When Debb Faulkner is not juggling childcare, preparing kids lunches and doing school drop offs, or serving at her church in the children’s ministry, she takes time out to audit a subject at BST. We caught up with Debb to find out a little more about her typical day…

As a stay-at-home mum to three young children aged six, four and two, and a babysitter for my eighteen month old niece a few days a week, a typical day can be a little different. I try to start my day in the word and with prayer, which is followed by getting my kids ready for school and kindy.

Once I’ve dropped off the kids, I’m usually tidying up with my youngest in tow to prepare for morning activities such as play dates. When my two year old takes a nap after lunch, I jump at the opportunity to catch up on housework, plan for dinner, do some reading or connect with a friend. By then it’s not long before I have to do the kindy and school pick-ups, and help my eldest with their homework.

One of my favourite times of the day is dinner, where we catch up on everyone’s day and share a story from the Bible. The kids are loving the Action Bible at the moment.

When the little ones are in bed my husband, Drew, and I get a chance to chat and chill out together. We also try to finish the day reading a chapter of the Bible and pray.

Drew is studying a Master of Divinity full-time at BST. When he first started Bible college I really enjoyed hearing about what he learned in class. Then last year we found an opportunity for Drew and I to attend a class together. With three children our life can get crazy, so it was a real blessing to have some free time to audit a subject throughout the semester. I enjoyed the experience so much that I went on to audit two more subjects!

Each subject impacted me in different ways, but there were three things that stood out to me: the relevance of God’s word for us today; the struggles and trials that Christians faced in the Bible and that they are not that different to what we encounter; and learning more of God’s character and nature.

It’s been a real privilege to be able to sit in on lectures at BST (without the stress of having to do assignments, which is the advantage of auditing a subject when you don’t have time to do a complete course!). I feel I have so much more to learn of Christ’s love for us, and his grace and mercy. I am reminded that from day to day, and even moment to moment that I need Christ and to be in his word daily. Having a set time each week at BST helps me to be more accountable in getting into the word, which is such a blessing.

If you would like to audit a subject at BST please click the link below. It costs $295 to audit. Spouses of a full-time BST student can audit one subject for free in a semester.