A day in the life of…a youth and worship pastor

Stephen Khu

Stephen Khu finished his Bachelor of Ministry at BST in 2013. He is now the Youth and Worship Pastor at St Stephens Coorparoo.

It’s been seven months since I finished my BMin at BST. Today I’m the Youth and Worship Pastor at St Stephens Coorparoo.

My passion to help disciple young people was influenced by my own experience as a teenager. While I grew up in a church environment and attended a Christian school, I didn’t feel that I had solid discipleship. I loved God and wanted to serve Him, but I didn’t know how or what that would look like or who to talk to about it. My parents simply wanted me to get an education and work toward a stable career that would provide for my future; a typical desire for most parents I’d imagine.

It was not long after graduating from BST that I was offered the full-time role at my church. While most days are spent helping to prepare the audio/visuals for the Sunday service, organising Bible study material for the Discipleship Connect Groups, gathering materials for youth groups activities, my busiest day is Friday. For most churches, Friday nights are typically when youth groups meet and for us this also includes running Discipleship Connect Groups before the youth group activities start.

Both the Youth and Worship ministry areas require vision, ongoing training and development, and relationships to be developed and maintained. Trying to balance my investment in both ministries is probably one of my biggest challenges, but I am thankful to God for the opportunity to connect with many youth leaders and pastors in the local area who have been great encouragement as we seek out ways to help one another.

I have also been encouraged by the spiritual growth of the young people through our Discipleship Connect Groups, particularly the junior high boys. Many of them are opening up a lot more, being able to express themselves honestly in front of their peers. As they talk about issues that challenge them, I feel so blessed to be able to help disciple these youth in their Christian walk.

The youth ministry subject I completed at BST helped me to be equipped for the youth ministry aspect of my role. With the music ministry side, I probably would have liked more in-depth study at college in this area. It’s not yet available at BST, but some day I hope, God willing!

But overall, my experience at BST has equipped me with a sound theological platform from which I am able to approach the various ministries I am involved in.