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What does cricket have to do with serving God?

As a kid I dreamt of playing cricket for Australia and be able to use the overseas travel for mission opportunities (it was a win/win solution really: to play my favourite sport and serve Jesus!).

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I’ve grown so rapidly because of Bible college…

Fresh out of high school, Irene Louw started a Bachelor of Ministry with BST.  In two short years of studying, Irene has experienced personal growth, particularly in the areas of leadership and witnessing to others.  Irene coordinated a youth camp on the Gold Coast with Christian Youth Camps from 22 – 27 September 2013.  She…

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Studying is a ‘way of serving the Lord’ – Ovidiu Buciu, Felix Arnott Prize Recipient

I realised early on, that studying wasn’t just an academic exercise, but most importantly, it’s a way of serving the Lord. Everything I learn isn’t just for my benefit, but it’s for the benefit of the church. The learning process doesn’t just stop to benefit me. As I have come to better know God’s word, I can take it anywhere and share it with others who will also benefit as a result.

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A day in the life of… an associate pastor

If I showed you a snapshot of my life on two different days of the week, you might think that I was telling you about two different people: one who is a Bible college graduate working in a local church, the other an overwhelmed science student at the local university. But to be honest, if you had shown me those two snapshots a few years ago I would have thought the same thing – and I would definitely not have guessed that either of those pictures would soon represent a day in my life!

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A day in the life of… a Bible translator

It’s 4.30am and I (Sue) am surprisingly bright-eyed. I actually woke up before my alarm was set to go off. But why the excitement? Today I’m joining a group of people in the southern Philippines to celebrate the translation of the New Testament into their own language!

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A day in the life of… a prison chaplain

I remember the first time I walked into a prison. The starkness of the metal barriers; the churning of my stomach; the rigid security checks; the stares of the prisoners; the drabness of everything.

I’ve become accustomed to it now, but this morning I get to accompany a new trainee chaplain on her first visit to a high-security prison, and I wonder if she feels the same nervousness I did.

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