Alan leaves for New Zealand

Dr Alan Stanley, Director of Postgraduate Studies and Lecturer in Bible and Theology

BST has been blessed with remarkable men and women who have devoted their skills and gifts to our ministry of training students to know God’s word so that they can take it to the world. Dr Alan Stanley is no exception.

Since 2013, and prior to that, several years as a sessional lecturer at our former Rothwell campus, the BST community has benefited from Alan’s quality pastoral preaching and passionate teaching in the lecture rooms.

We are sad to announce that Alan will be leaving BST in December 2017.

Alan and his wife, Kathleen, have made the decision to return to New Zealand for family reasons.

“I’ve loved my time at BST and living here in Australia,” Alan says.

“We have lived in Australia since 2003, first on the Sunshine Coast and then the north side of Brisbane where we moved at the beginning of 2012. In both places, we have made tremendous friends and been fortunate to be involved in great churches. Certainly one of the highlights for me wherever I have been is the relationships I have formed with my colleagues, the students, and their families. BST has been a special place for me but what makes it so special is the people here.

“The decision to go back to New Zealand, a place we haven’t lived for nearly 25 years, was not made lightly. But Kathleen and I are trusting in God for his plans to unfold. New Zealand is, of course, our native home and so I’m excited to return (I’m glad we’re returning in the summer when the weather, hopefully, will be at its best and daylight savings in full swing). But there is sadness at leaving as well as we say goodbye to a significant part of our lives.”

“In terms of what the future holds, there are a few things in place and a few things still to fall into place, which is where we need to trust God. We will return to Cambridge, a beautiful town an hour and a half south of Auckland, where Kathleen’s family live. I will step up my involvement in theological education in Nepal and seek to develop the ministry of goEast. In terms of theological education in New Zealand, at this point, there are opportunities for me to teach intensives. I also plan to finish a book that’s due at the end of 2018 and write more if the Lord opens up those doors.”

Alan has been our Director of Postgraduate Studies and Lecturer in Bible and Theology.

He was instrumental in connecting BST with world-renowned lecturers and published authors like Dr Darrell Bock, who supervised Alan’s PhD at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Dr Tom Schreiner.

Alan has also led teams of BST students on mission and ministry exposure to places like Nepal, Tamworth, Coffs Harbour, and the Gold Coast.

BST Principal, Rev Dr Richard Gibson acknowledges that Alan’s leaving will be a loss felt by BST for some time.

“As I’ve taken the time to announce to our employees and to students about Alan’s leaving, I’ve witnessed the enormity of the respect and love that people have for Alan as a colleague, lecturer, mentor, and friend,” Richard says.

“Alan will be greatly missed at BST and we recognise that we won’t be able to replace our Kiwi friend easily. He is one of a kind.”

“On behalf of the board and my colleagues at BST, we wish Alan and his family all the best and are praying for the Lord’s wisdom and provision in this next stage of their life and ministry.”

While BST will say goodbye to Alan and his family, it’s not for good as we hope to keep in touch with the possibility of Alan returning as a sessional lecturer and for any students who are interested in partnering with his goEast ministry.

Our official farewell for Alan will be at our End of Year Dinner on Wednesday, 8 November 2017. Friends and supporters of BST are welcome to join us for this event.