Allied health and lightbulb moments

BST lecture room

What does crocheting, physiotherapy and Bible college have in common? Not much for most people, but for one of our BST students in her mid-20s, they are the very things she loves to pour her time and effort into doing. We caught up with K* to find out a little more about what she does and what motivated her to study at college…

I currently work as a physiotherapist for children with disabilities and have done for a few years now. Prior to that I worked in aged and palliative care. My experience working in these vastly different areas of care has been a privilege and an eye-opener. Both have blessings and delights and equally, their challenges and heart aches.

The flexibility to study part-time at BST while I work part-time has been helpful to me. I had never considered going to Bible college, that is, until I went overseas on a short-term mission trip to Asia. There I volunteered for a community organisation that works with children. My background in physiotherapy meant that I was able to provide assessments and programs for children with a variety of physical conditions including cerebral palsy and brain injury.

The work was very similar to what I do in Australia but with its unique challenges. It struck me what an impact that access to allied health (health care provided by professionals other than doctors, dentists and nurses) had on the lives of these children, and the potential for these services in other parts of the developing world. Growing up, I had always wanted to work for humanitarian organisations like Red Cross or United Nations, but as I got to know and follow Jesus, it made more sense for me to do this sort of work for him.

As I got to know a little more about mission organisations and what they require of people to serve long-term, I realised that at minimum, I needed to do at least one year of Bible college and so I began the process of applying to study at BST. I’m now in my second semester studying a Graduate Diploma of Divinity and college has been wonderful so far. I’ve loved learning in the lecture rooms and having those ‘lightbulb’ moments when I suddenly understand more clearly what a book or passage in the Bible is really about. Balancing work and studies, as well as my other commitments, has been a challenge. But it’s rewarding and a privilege to study God’s word more deeply.

I don’t know where God may lead me to serve after college, but I am open to using my physiotherapy background in a country were the allied health skills of the indigenous workers are not yet available in their community. In the meantime, I have enjoyed being part of my church’s Global Missions Team which meets to pray and care for missionaries who have gone out from our church. We organise events and encourage the members of our church to see ways they can be part of God’s global mission right here, right now.

In my spare time, I love to work on a variety of crafting projects from embroidery to crocheting, and I also enjoy baking. Catching up with friends over tea or playing board games is something I love to do in my downtime.

*We’ve kept K’s name discreet as she may one day work in another part of the world where security could be an issue for Christian workers.