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Redeemed with great acts of judgment

Judgment in its full and final sense leads us to the doctrine of hell. In Exodus, there is a lot of judgment taking place. What can we learn from what took place in Exodus?

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What did God reveal to Moses?

Throughout history there are biblical accounts of how God has revealed himself to people. One supernatural encounter was experienced by Moses in Exodus 3 when a flame of fire suddenly appeared out of a bush which did not burn it.

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Theology of God

In times of hardship, well-meaning people can give out all sorts of advice and opinions on the theology of suffering. But what we really need is a theology of God. We need to keep our hearts and minds fixed on who God is and his promises…

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A vision of two cities

Recently I have been reading, and meditating and praying from, Isaiah 24-27, sometimes called Isaiah’s “Apocalypse.” While there is little that is fully apocalyptic about these chapters, they are certainly eschatological, describing worldwide divine judgment and salvation at the end of history.

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Being confronted by the living God

In Exodus 34, God reveals the essence of himself which sets the tone for what it will be like to be in a relationship with him.

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Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you

It’s only fitting that as the semester starts, we welcome new people to the BST community. In Romans 15:1-7, Paul tells us to ‘welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you’ (ESV). But what does that look like? Is it a mere formality or does it require more of us?

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