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Where are all the Greek geeks?

Knowledge of anatomy is a basic tool for medicine, so students who fail anatomy will not be allowed to become doctors. Maths is a basic tool for engineering, so students who fail maths will not be allowed to become engineers. Most of us will say that such standards are proper, especially when our bodies or our houses are on the line. Yet, when it comes to things far more important – our spiritual and eternal wellbeing – our standards and expectations can be so much lower.

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A day in the life of… a Bible translator

It’s 4.30am and I (Sue) am surprisingly bright-eyed. I actually woke up before my alarm was set to go off. But why the excitement? Today I’m joining a group of people in the southern Philippines to celebrate the translation of the New Testament into their own language!

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Judas vs. Peter

Judas is the quintessential villain of the Bible. Peter is the clumsy but loveable sidekick. We know who’s the goodie and who’s the baddie – right? It can be easy to assume that Judas was doomed from the start, rotten at the core, and that’s why he met a sticky end. Yet he and Peter are more similar than we realise…

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Opportunity knocks on 22/07/13

This week’s top ten ministry work opportunities include being a church-planter in Thailand, a member of a Christian media and arts team in Peru, a pre-school support worker in Mozambique and an evangelist in Italy…

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Mission is a rubbery word

Next week Rev Mike Raiter will be teaching a one-week intensive on ‘Local church, global mission’, looking at how the global issues of the 21st century should affect the work of our local churches. We caught up with him to get a taste of what’s to come next week.

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3 ways to mess up in Christian leadership

If you want to know how to totally muck it up as a Christian leader then take a look at King Saul, the details of whose reign we find mainly in the books of Samuel. He provides some brilliant examples.

His main weakness, which eventually became his downfall, was that he was driven by pride. He was terrified of losing the respect and love and praise of others, and his obsession with keeping those things overrode his desire to obey God.

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