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Harvest time in Sydney

Never before have I experienced so clearly the reality of Jesus’ words in Matthew 9, ‘the harvest is ready’, as I did last week. I was on a BST mission exposure trip working with Muslim communities in Sydney and had the chance to attend an Arabic church, go to a Muslim eid festival, go prayer-walking and door-knocking, visit a mosque and help at a food bank. Those opportunities really brought home to me both God’s incredible love for the nations and their desperate need to know Him.

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LISTEN: ‘Same-sex marriage’ and ‘Spiritual warfare’

Last night 185 people attended our open night and public lectures. As well as getting better acquainted with BST, they also got the chance to engage with two key issues faced by the church: same-sex marriage and spiritual warfare. But don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the event – you don’t have to miss out. We recorded our speakers so you can enjoy learning about both topics and also share the talks with others…

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The mystery of ‘the mission field’

When we think of full-time Christian service or ministry, we tend to think of a person working overseas somewhere or perhaps serving locally as a pastor or church leader. We probably don’t think of digging trenches, re-fitting apartments, felling trees and fixing leaky taps. But that’s my full-time Christian ministry.

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Gen12: what happened after everyone went home?

At last month’s Gen12 conference, ‘Gather to scatter’, almost 200 people came together at BST to find out more about cross-cultural mission. That gathering day was full of great challenges, learning and encouragements. But what about the scattering? How have people been better engaged in taking God’s word to the world since walking out the door of Gen12?

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Where are all the Greek geeks?

Knowledge of anatomy is a basic tool for medicine, so students who fail anatomy will not be allowed to become doctors. Maths is a basic tool for engineering, so students who fail maths will not be allowed to become engineers. Most of us will say that such standards are proper, especially when our bodies or our houses are on the line. Yet, when it comes to things far more important – our spiritual and eternal wellbeing – our standards and expectations can be so much lower.

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A day in the life of… a Bible translator

It’s 4.30am and I (Sue) am surprisingly bright-eyed. I actually woke up before my alarm was set to go off. But why the excitement? Today I’m joining a group of people in the southern Philippines to celebrate the translation of the New Testament into their own language!

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