Rev Dr Bruce Pass joins BST Faculty

Rev Dr Bruce Pass, BMus, MMus, BDiv, PhD

We’re excited to welcome Bruce Pass and his family to the BST community. Bruce recently completed the requirements for a doctorate from Edinburgh University, with his thesis entitled: ‘The Heart of Dogmatics’: the place and purpose of Christology in the theological method of Herman Bavinck. Before doctoral studies, Bruce pastored a church plant in the north of Sydney as an Anglican minister. At BST he will be teaching theology and church history, and have responsibility as the Director of Post-Graduate Studies. Read on to find out more about our new colleague…

Tell us about your family

My wife Kate and I met at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Broadway, while we were both undergraduate students. Kate was studying economics / law at the University of Sydney and I was studying piano at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. We have three children, Joseph (13), Eden (12), and Isaac (9) who are at The Gap High School and Payne Road State School.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in country towns in NSW, Gunnedah and then Port Macquarie, where my father was a Presbyterian minister.

What is your denominational affiliation and background?

I cherish my Presbyterian heritage, but I don’t place a great deal of weight on denominational identity. I am an ordained Anglican minister, but have also been a member of Baptist and Brethren churches.

Why move from Scotland to come to BST?

I was delighted to take up the offer to teach at BST because I am deeply committed to bringing theology into the service of Christ’s church and I could see that some very exciting things are happening at BST. I think the Centre for Asian Christianity is especially interesting. Australian theological colleges really need to be doing what BST is doing in this area.

Tell us about your teaching background and your PhD

Before coming to BST, I tutored at Moore College in Sydney and I taught some courses at the University of Edinburgh while I was studying. The University of Edinburgh is one of the global ‘hubs’ of Bavinck studies and a terrific institution, so it was the ideal place to go. My doctorate is in systematic theology and offers an analysis of the place and purpose of Christology in the theological method of the Dutch theologian and statesman, Herman Bavinck (1854-1921). That all sounds a bit complicated, but it is actually pretty simple. My PhD looks at how Bavinck thought theology should be done and how he thought the person of Christ should determine the outcome.

What are your hobbies/interests?

My professional background is in classical music. While we were in Scotland my piano had a holiday at a friend’s place, so I am looking forward to playing it again. Hopefully, locals in The Gap won’t mind a bit of Beethoven, Schubert, or Chopin.

Please pray for Bruce as he settles into his new role and for Kate and the family as they settle into a new city and new schools.