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Selfless ants and the Body of Christ

Of all the creatures in the world – lions, sharks, monkeys, the ones I admire most are ants. These little guys are not particularly nice to look at, they eat rubbish, dead things and somehow build colonies in the most unexpected and irritating places – like your car!

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Lord Mayor’s prayer breakfast

It’s 6.45am and I’m in the main auditorium of the newly renovated Brisbane City Hall. The room is buzzing with excitement and friendly chatter as over 300 guests take their seats for the annual Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.

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What does it mean to be blessed?

You don’t have to scroll down far on your Facebook or Twitter feed to see someone that is ” feeling blessed”. The word “blessed” slips so easily off our lips. But what does it actually mean? What do we mean when we ask God to bless our children, our activities, or our church? What would blessed children look like, or a blessed church service?

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Get the message?

This Easter long weekend is a special time for us as Christians. Not because we’re privileged to have two public holidays back-to-back, but rather it’s about remembering and giving thanks to God for the sacrifice and victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet back in the Apostle Paul’s day, Easter did not exist.

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Mythbusters: Solving the Puzzle of How People Change

Myth #1: God just wants us to be good people who follow the rules.
Myth #2: That because of grace Christians can do what they like.

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How can God use me in business?

As a young 12 year old boy, I was in awe of the engineers, doctors and business people who gave up their comfortable lives to work in the mission field to serve God.

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The mystery of ‘the mission field’

When we think of full-time Christian service or ministry, we tend to think of a person working overseas somewhere or perhaps serving locally as a pastor or church leader. We probably don’t think of digging trenches, re-fitting apartments, felling trees and fixing leaky taps. But that’s my full-time Christian ministry.

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Where are all the Greek geeks?

Knowledge of anatomy is a basic tool for medicine, so students who fail anatomy will not be allowed to become doctors. Maths is a basic tool for engineering, so students who fail maths will not be allowed to become engineers. Most of us will say that such standards are proper, especially when our bodies or our houses are on the line. Yet, when it comes to things far more important – our spiritual and eternal wellbeing – our standards and expectations can be so much lower.

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Judas vs. Peter

Judas is the quintessential villain of the Bible. Peter is the clumsy but loveable sidekick. We know who’s the goodie and who’s the baddie – right? It can be easy to assume that Judas was doomed from the start, rotten at the core, and that’s why he met a sticky end. Yet he and Peter are more similar than we realise…

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The perfect family

When my wife and I started having kids I thought, ‘Right, I’ll only let them see the good side of me.’ Well, it hasn’t worked. I just can’t keep it up. They’re around me too much. Maybe if they only saw me once a week I could pull it off. But every day? Too hard.

Church though, well that’s a different story. Those people do only see me once a week, so keeping up the façade of being ‘a good Christian’ is a little easier.

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