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Judas vs. Peter

Judas is the quintessential villain of the Bible. Peter is the clumsy but loveable sidekick. We know who’s the goodie and who’s the baddie – right? It can be easy to assume that Judas was doomed from the start, rotten at the core, and that’s why he met a sticky end. Yet he and Peter are more similar than we realise…

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The perfect family

When my wife and I started having kids I thought, ‘Right, I’ll only let them see the good side of me.’ Well, it hasn’t worked. I just can’t keep it up. They’re around me too much. Maybe if they only saw me once a week I could pull it off. But every day? Too hard.

Church though, well that’s a different story. Those people do only see me once a week, so keeping up the façade of being ‘a good Christian’ is a little easier.

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Baptism: still stuck in the dirty water?

When I was a kid, my Dad was a doctor. So he would often go visiting people in hospitals and, if we were in the car, he’d take us with him.

I remember walking through hospital wards at all sorts of hours, and there were big scary signs up – ‘Strictly no visitors allowed’. “Dad, we can’t go in there!” And Dad would say, “Bah, nonsense, I’m a doctor, don’t take any notice of that”. Scurrying along these forbidden corridors, I would feel so proud of my Dad’s rebelliousness! But every time I saw a big nurse coming down the corridor, I’d make sure I was right by his side.

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All you need is love?

A popular phrase that is currently high on my ‘makes me want to punch a wall’ list is: “I don’t have to like them, I just have to love them.” This is the attitude of many people when it comes to their fellow Christians.

But I would love nothing more than to ban that phrase, and here’s why…

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More blind faith please

Christians are often at pains to point out that, contrary to popular perception, Christian faith is not blind but rather rests on a solid foundation of evidence and reason.

Yet there is a place for blind faith in some measure, for didn’t Jesus say to Thomas “Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe”?

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