Andrew’s Study Leave

Rev Dr Andrew Prince

Over the past semester of study leave a common question people have asked has been around what have I been doing during this period. My previous study leave in 2014 was spent working on just one project – completing my doctorate. This time around I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including: (1) Speaking – at mission conferences in Perth and Brisbane on contextualisation and trends in world mission, along with preaching at various churches; (2) Researching and writing – in the areas of Asian Christianity, preaching, and contextualisation.

This has resulted in new updated lecture notes, a book review and journal article published (along with two other journal articles and a new book on ‘Spiritual growth for the mature Christian’ all in production); Reading and reflection − on pedagogy (latest methods of teaching), research methodology and supervision of doctoral students, and ways that I can more effectively perform my role at BST including serving as Director for the Centre of Asian Christianity; Networking – meeting with pastors, mission representatives, researchers, and Asian ministry practitioners. I’m very grateful to the BST Board for the provision of this period of study leave and look forward to being back serving the College community again.