What is the Insider Movement?

Dr John Azumah, Professor of World Christianity & Islam

For a Muslim to convert to Christianity—especially in Muslim-majority countries—it comes with severe consequences including being ostracized from their family and community or at worst, being killed for their new-found confession in Christ.

The Insider Movement has emerged where Christian believers from Muslim backgrounds choose to remain within their Muslim culture, participating as much as possible in their communities to avoid being detected as a convert. These people are participating in a church model classified as C5, ‘Christ-centred communities’ with people who sometimes identify as Messianic Muslims. At our recent conference on Saturday, 24 June, Dr John Azumah explained the different models of Christ-centred communities—C1-C6 spectrum—being adopted by believers in the Muslim world. The biggest controversy relates to the C5 believers. Dr Azumah highlights the biblical rationale for the Insider Movement and explores some of the ethical issues relating to the Movement.