Redeemed with great acts of judgment

Brett Rayl with his family.

Judgment in its full and final sense leads us to the doctrine of hell. In Exodus, there is a lot of judgment taking place. What can we learn from what took place in Exodus? 
Brett Rayl, Director and Team Leader of Christ Bible Institute (CBI) in Japan was our special guest speaker at chapel last week. He preached on Exodus 6:2-10:29, focusing on God’s judgment. He reminded us that as believers in Jesus Christ, we are living between two judgments.
But what are the implications for us? How does that impact our ministry today? Catch up on the sermon on here>
Brett hosted a team of our students at CBI when they went on mission exposure to Japan from end of March to April this year. BST welcomes the opportunity to engage with CBI through our Centre for Asian Christianity. Did you know that several BST students and graduates are preparing to serve in Japan? Find out who they are…
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