Living Wholeness Institute Trainer, Dr John Warlow

Our Living Wholeness Coordinator, Karen Nivala, got the chance to ask Living Wholeness Trainer, Dr John Warlow, about the new courses on offer at BST and a little more about himself…

Why are you passionate about this area?
As a person and as a professional, I am passionate about us changing in a God centred direction, to become more like disciples of Jesus. I am keen to see the local church become more like the body of Christ: who we should be, being and doing what Jesus would do here in Brisbane in 2020.

What is the Christian Wholeness Framework and what is its purpose?
The CWF is a picture language which brings together the essentials of God centred transformation. The language is transferable to any culture or to those who are struggling or succeeding. It is a developmental language allowing its use at a very basic level right through to a complex context.

What’s your background John?
I was born in India, received my medical degree in Birmingham England and specialised in Psychiatry in New Zealand. I further specialised in Child and Adolescent psychiatry in Melbourne. The Christian Wholeness Framework came out of understanding my own brokenness and struggle in light of my faith, as well as the need to navigate the mental health world with a Christian worldview.

What do you hope to see people gaining from this course?
Firstly personal transformation, secondly growth in who they are as people, and in their skills and knowledge regardless of what contexts they may be helping others; whether that be with friends, the local church or in ministry and in professional counselling/therapy or coaching.

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