With your help, the Centre for Asian Christianity hopes to make a positive impact on the Asian church, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia, with five different projects. Your gift today will put text books in the hands of future pastors and church leaders, fund missionary conferences or send kids in Thailand to an evangelistic camp where they may hear about Jesus for the first time. Thank you!

OMF Adventure Camps – $500 per camp

“The Thailand Adventure Camp ministry seeks to share the gospel with young Thai people in a fun and exciting environment. More camps are scheduled in 2023 in both South Thailand and Central Thailand.

Your gift of $500 will cover the transportation costs for a camp, enabling more students to hear God’s word!

Literature Production and Distribution – $24 per set

There are more than twenty Bible Colleges and Christian training centres in Thailand from which students will become church ministers in the near future. Your gift of $48 today can support two Thai students by providing books, Bible study manuals and preaching guidelines in the Thai language.

Library Support – $50 per faculty 

The significant lack of theological books and journals in both English and Indonesian at Jaffrey Theological Seminary in Indonesia is stark. Having access to thousands of quality eBooks and journals will be of great assistance to the faculty in their teaching and learning, and so CAC is wishing to support individual faculty members to have access to such resources.  

Missionary Development – $2000 per conference

In 2022 Jaffray Theological Seminary restarted their annual three-day Mission Conference (Festival Misi) following a hiatus during Covid. At the conclusion of the conference more than 70 students committed themselves for missionary service.


In January 2023 BST’s Principal, Dr Richard Gibson, was the keynote speaker at Festival Misi, with CAC fully funding the event. More than fifty students committed themselves for mission service. As well as annual Festival Misi at Jaffray they would like to start Festival Misi’s at other Colleges—including later this year!

Your gift of $2000 meets the cost of putting on one of these life-changing conferences in Indonesia.

Faculty Development – $7,160

Jaffray Theological Seminary has over 700 students and fewer than ten full-time faculty. Having more faculty is a significant need, as well as upskilling current faculty. In 2023 CAC are wishing to support the development of three faculty members. This will involve a combination of English language classes to improve their written and spoken English (a necessary pre-cursor to leadership roles and studying at PhD level) and completing a research Masters degree (facilitating admission into a PhD program in 2024).

Where most needed…

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