Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are an interdenominational college and our students, staff and faculty come from a variety of different denominations.

There are two semesters at BST. Semester one is from February to June, and semester two is from July to November (includes exam, study weeks and mid-semester breaks) (link to calendar page).

Yes you can start mid-year (July) or start at the beginning of the year (February).

Brisbane School of Theology offers night time classes as well as week-long intensives (link to timetables page).

Full-time is enrolling in either 3 or 4 units and part-time is enrolling in either 1 or 2 units.

If you have done prior theological or ministry studies then you can send us your official transcript from your previous institution and we then submit to our accrediting body, Australian College of Theology, who determines whether you can be credited for any RPL.

Auditing is attending lectures but not doing any of the assessment. Auditing does not go towards credit in an accredited ACT course. You cannot use Fee-Help for audit costs.

All our units are taught on campus, we currently do not offer online or distance education units.

Brisbane School of Theology provides tutoring services to students at no cost. We also offer essay writing and exam preparation seminars every semester. We also allocate every student a college mentor to help them navigate through their course.

Yes Fee-Help is an option for those students who are eligible. For more information about eligibility, please visit the Australian Government website: https://www.studyassist.gov.au/help-loans/fee-help

Brisbane School of Theology does not offer scholarships. Students are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient funds to cover the cost of tuition fees, or be eligible for FEE-HELP (link to Fee-Help).

Yes, we Open Nights and Open Mornings in May and October. See Our Calendar for details.


Brisbane School of Theology courses are accredited by the Australian College of Theology and approved by the Government.  It is the responsibility of the student or applicant to contact Centrelink to confirm their eligibility. Brisbane School of Theology will provide students with the appropriate documentation to apply to Centrelink.

We are a residential college and we offer single rooms with shared living spaces as well as one and two bedroom self-contained units. Accommodation is only available through an application process, on a first-come-first-served basis, and full-time students are given priority access to accommodation.

Yes, there are bus stations on Dean St and Toowong Railway Station is 2km from the college.

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