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  • 24 Units
  • 3 years FT or up to 9 Years PT
  • 36 Credit Points

Graduate Diploma of Theology

Course Description

If you already have a theological degree, but want to top up and expand your knowledge, then the Graduate Diploma of Theology will suit you well.

You’ll be able to choose some key areas of the Bible to explore more deeply, like gaining a better historical, theological and pastoral understanding of the book of Acts.  There’s also a broad range of practical units to choose from, which means you can grow your skills in preaching, unpack the challenges of pastoring in the 21st century or look at issues in global and local mission.

Whether you want to improve your theological skills for your current work or church involvement, or whether you’re considering moving to a completely new area of ministry work, this program will solidify your existing knowledge and give you a firm understanding of new topics.

To be able to study the Graduate Diploma of Theology at BST you need to have an undergraduate degree in a theological subject. (If you have an undergraduate qualification in a non-theological discipline then take a look at the Graduate Diploma of Divinity or Master of Divinity programs.)

If you get to the end of the first semester of the GradDipTh and decide that you can’t or don’t want to continue studying, at least for now, then you can still be awarded a Graduate Certificate of Theology (see below).

International students:

If you’re an international student, and English is not your first language, you need to have taken the IELTS test and achieved an average score of 7.5. The restrictions of a student visa also mean that you’ll have to study full-time.

If you study the GradDipTh full-time at BST it will take one year if you do all of the MA units on offer. You need 32 credit points to complete the course, and you can choose to receive all your credit points from the units below (each worth eight credit points) or you can combine some of those units with an 8,000-word thesis worth eight credit points.

MA Units


Rev Emma Matthews
Chaplain and Head of Religious Education at Penrhos College (Australia)

“BST gave me great exposure to real-life ministry opportunities and that shaped my whole career – I had to help with RE at a local school for one semester, and the experience inspired me to write some RE curriculum which is now being used at the college where I teach! I also have such fond memories of the sense of community. We lived at the Toowong campus as a family while I studied and my kids look back on that time so positively.”

Tim Mander
Queensland Member for Everton

“I have very fond memories of studying at BST. I enjoyed the great community as well as the inclusive teaching styles of the lecturers. A good knowledge of practical theology is essential in Christian leadership, so my time at college held me in good stead when I was the CEO of Scripture Union (Qld). Now, as a member of the State Parliament, I work in an extremely challenging environment and regularly face difficult decisions – but my faith stands firm, undergirded by sound teaching from a well-respected college.”

The GradCertTh is what you’ll be awarded if you begin the Graduate Diploma program but for some reason can’t, or choose not to, complete it. As long as you’ve gained 16 credit points you can receive the qualification, and if at any point in the following six years you want to continue your studies then you can just pick up where you left off and those credit points will count towards your GradDip (or a Master of Arts in Theology if you continue even further).

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.

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