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  • 8 Units
  • 2 years FT or up to 8 Years PT
  • 36 Credit Points

Master of Arts in Ministry

Course Description

BST is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). We have been approved to deliver ACT courses (FEE-Help available for eligible students).

If you already have a theological degree, but want to grow your professional and vocational expertise, then the Master of Arts in Ministry will suit you well.

It’s particularly designed for Christian leaders, pastors and others in ministry work to either build on a current area of expertise or grow into new areas of ministry work. You’ll be able to choose some key areas of the Bible to explore more deeply, like the book of Acts.  There’s also a broad range of practical units to choose from, which means you can grow your skills in preaching, unpack the challenges of pastoring in the 21st century, look at issues in global and local mission, or head for a deeper exploration of prayer.

Whatever your end goal, our Master of Arts in Ministry program allows you to further grow in the knowledge and understanding of God’s word outside of the pressures of your ministry work, which is a worthwhile and rewarding experience in itself.

To be able to study the Master of Arts in Ministry at BST you need to have an undergraduate degree in Theology.

If you’re an international student, and English is not your first language, you need to have taken the IELTS test and achieved an average score of 7.5. The restrictions of a student visa also mean that you’ll have to study full-time.

If you study the MA (Min) full-time at BST it will take two years, as we offer four MA units per year. You need 64 credit points (incl. project) to complete the course, and you can choose to receive your credit points from the units below (each worth eight credit points). You will also have to complete a project worth eight or 16 credit points (8,000/15,000 words respectively).

MA Units


Rev Dr Hugh Begbie
Church Pastor (in Australia)

“I greatly appreciated the academic support I was given while at BST, yet it is the pastoral support of the staff and my peers that has stuck with me. My time at college has helped me deal more compassionately with the moral ambiguities and uncertainties of life and to stand more readily with those bruised and battered by the world.”

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.

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