The Centre for Asian Christianity has developed a Research Sabbatical Scheme for the purposes of encouraging research in the area of Asian Christianity, supporting people engaging in research through access to support services, and enriching the BST community through interaction with scholars engaged in in research in the area of Asian Christianity.

Those accepted into the Research Sabbatical Scheme enjoy the following privileges:

  1. A fully furnished guest unit for a period up to 3 months;
  2. Extended access to BST library (8:30am-10pm Mon-Thurs, 8:30am-5pm Fri; 8:30am-3pm Sat);
  3. Online access to BST’s electronic resources (including EBSCO and ATLA);
  4. Invitation to participate in CAC and BST Research Symposia throughout the year;
  5. Opportunity to meet with BST faculty and other visiting scholars to BST;
  6. Participation in the community life of BST.

Application process:

For further information or to apply to become a Research Fellow for the Centre for Asian Christianity please email

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