What is Auditing?

If you want to boost your theological knowledge, but a heavy assessment load doesn’t fit with your current lifestyle, then try our Audit program.

It’s a non-accredited program that is more flexible and less pressured than the ACT accredited courses. Auditing allows you to take part in any unit being offered at BST. You could focus on the practical side of ministry, learning about pastoral care, leadership skills, or overseas mission. You could get a great overview of the Old and New Testaments, or dig deeper into the Gospels, the Psalms, or Paul’s letters. You could even get to grips with the doctrine of eschatology or brush up on your church history.

Maybe you’re looking to add a more overtly Christian dimension to your current job; perhaps you want to be better equipped to share the gospel with friends and colleagues; or maybe it’s just that what you’re learning about the Bible through church is really exciting you and making you want to delve deeper. Whatever your aim, this is the perfect program to help you better understand your faith and weave it through every area of your life.

We have no academic requirements for auditing – you just need to be over 16, have an interest in Theology and be willing to learn and be part of the BST community!

There’s no time limit, so you can do as many or as few units per year as your work and life commitments will allow.

There’s no set program: you can choose to study any of the units on our timetable including intensives. You’ll need to commit to attending the whole of any unit you pick, as it’s hard for our lecturers – and other students – if people dip in and out. 

To see the units on offer this year:

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Fee Schedule

Note that Fee-Help is not available for audit units.

Helen Morris

I have audited twelve units and their value is immeasurable, along with the rich fellowship of studying with brothers and sisters in Christ. The four foundational units (Old and New Testament) were explosive to my faith and being able to grasp God’s sovereignty, faithfulness, love and mercy to a much deeper, transforming level.