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At BST we love having a diverse community of people from different countries and backgrounds (more than 14 languages are spoken on our campus) and we welcome overseas students.

We’re not able to offer any scholarships or fee support, so you will need to pay your own study and living costs. However, the Australian government offers plenty of information online to help you navigate your way through life in Australia and what it takes to study here, so we hope you’ll take a look and come join us at BST.

As mentioned above, we do not provide any scholarships and would require an overseas student to have at least sufficient finances to cover the first year of tuition and living costs, which can amount to a considerable sum of Australian dollars, especially if the student intends to bring a spouse and school-age children with him/her. Also we only accept students from overseas if we are reasonably convinced that they are motivated by a strong desire to be trained for ministry/mission, will be able to persevere and successfully complete a course, have very good character references from Christian leaders, will fit into the ethos of the college, and intend to return to their own country upon completion of their course.

Entrance into any of our courses requires competency in English, proven either by the successful completion of tertiary studies in English or an IELTS test (or equivalent). All overseas students must be enrolled on a full-time basis and attendance at 100% of lectures is required.

The Australian Government is very stringent in regard to student visas. You must also meet the visa and financial requirements of the Australian government. You would need to make your own enquiries with the representatives of the Australian Government in your country concerning this. You can also find information regarding Government requirements at Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

We have found that overseas students face difficulties when coming to study in Australia in adjusting culturally and also adapting to the more critical style of Australian education. All courses taught by us are accredited with the Australian College of Theology (ACT) and recognised by the Australian Government. The academic year for these courses runs from February to November. 

Courses at Brisbane School of Theology are accredited by the Australian College of Theology.

The Australian College of Theology is a provider of accredited higher education courses in theology. It operates through a consortium of over 3,000 students enrolled in affiliated colleges approved to teach the awards of the ACT on its behalf.

The Australian College of Theology welcomes students from overseas to study at its affiliated colleges which are authorised to accept overseas student enrolments.  Prospective overseas students less than 18 years of age will not be admitted to a course of study beginning before the applicant’s eighteenth birthday.

The Australian College of Theology does not employ the use of education agents.​

Please read carefully through the policies and handbooks. The documents cover important areas such as “visa regulations”, “refund policy”, “entrance requirements” and many other.

To see policies go to ACT Overseas Page.

As an overseas student you need to apply well before closing date. We recommend you apply at least 2 months before the official closing date, so you have enough time to then apply for visa, book plane tickets and sort out your accommodation. Applicants are required to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover your travel costs and 12 months of living and tuition fees for you and your accompanying family members and school costs for any school aged dependants.

To see tuition costs go to: Fees page

For applications forms please go to: Apply page

Brisbane School of Theology is approved to deliver the following courses of the Australian College of Theology (CRICOS 02650E) to Overseas Students.

Diploma of Ministry
(English CRICOS 054659K and Chinese CRICOS 083078B)

Diploma of Theology
(English CRICOS 054649A and Chinese CRICOS 083079A)

Advanced Diploma of Ministry
(English CRICOS 054667K)

Associate Degree of Ministry
(English CRICOS 088087E)

Associate Degree of Theology
(English CRICOS 054716F)

Bachelor of Ministry
(English CRICOS 054670D and Chinese CRICOS 083084D)

Bachelor of Theology
(English CRICOS 054676J and Chinese CRICOS 083086B)

Graduate Certificate of Divinity
(English CRICOS 076017G)

Graduate Diploma of Divinity
(English CRICOS 054685G)

Master of Divinity
(English CRICOS 054688E)

Master of Ministry
(English CRICOS 088085G)

Master of Theological Studies
(English CRICOS 0100549)

Master of Theology
(English CRICOS 094613D)

Doctor of Theology
(English CRICOS 054711M)

Doctor of Philosophy
(English CRICOS 076015J)

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Please note you need to apply for your own health insurance and visa. You will receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) from us once you are accepted. You will need the eCoE for your visa application.

Follow the links on the right to find out more about the city you will be studying in and other useful and important information regarding health insurance, banking, etc.

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