Who We Are

Brisbane School of Theology is an inter-denominational Bible college based in Toowong, Brisbane. Christians of different cultures, ages and denominations make up the BST community and have done for 80 years, and we love how this diversity shapes and sharpens us. Yet we share a common commitment to Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and to the truth of the Bible, and we have a common goal of serving and glorifying God, so we’re united in our diversity.

Our status as an inter-denominational college finds its roots in Rev Morgans, who made it clear that denominational habits were not the focus in his classroom but students were simply to be taught “better knowledge of God’s word and practical use of the Bible for the service of Christ and the church.”

Our passion for mission remains as strong as it did in the early days of the college too, and the recent inception of our Centre for Asian Christianity is a natural extension of our desire to see God’s word shared throughout the world.

We offer high-quality, Bible-centred theological training in a diverse and supportive community, shaping the whole person for God’s purposes. Aiming for more than simply growing students’ knowledge of theology, we are developing passionate, capable disciples who use what they know about God’s word to serve him in the church and the world.