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We live in a fast-paced 21st century world awash with more information than we know what to do with. In that context, it is essential that our students know where to find the best, most relevant resources, and that they can access those resources whenever they need them.

Your gift today will help provide students with valuable resources in 2019 so that students like Vincent, and one of our Honours students, Grace, can have a world full of knowledge at their fingertips. Grace put it like this…

“Traditional books are very good, but for specialised topics they require a decent amount of combing through, which is time consuming and sometime doesn’t even bear fruit. Being able to search thousands of articles in minutes saved me valuable time and opened up a world of thoughts and research I would otherwise have been closed off from.”

Your gift of $40 would cover the cost of our digital resources for a whole day. $280 would cover those costs for a whole week.

Thank you for your commitment to BST’s mission, helping us train students who are shaped by His word, and serving His world…

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