Train and equip

We train and equip Christians preparing for and engaging in ministry in an Asian context through formal and informal studies at BST and allied partners. We do through formal theological training in both English and Mandarin to prepare Christian workers for ministry in Asian churches and parachurch organisations aimed at Asian contexts (e.g. mission agencies, universities). We also do this through informal training held in Chinese churches, and through public lectures on current issues facing Asian Christians. We also work collaboratively with other organisations preparing people for ministry in an Asian setting.


We supervise MTh and PhD students researching in the area of Asian Christianity, engage and facilitate research by Asian scholars through facilitating Research Sabbaticals, resourcing Research Fellows, hosting Research Symposiums, and through participation at Asian conferences and events.

Resource and network

We resource Asian-focused Christians, churches and organisations through running conferences and seminars on Asian Christianity, having readily available resources on the Centre website, and support initiatives that seek to develop resources to assist Asian pastors and churches within Australia. We are also working towards being an Asian network hub where people can find information about people and  organisations engaged in Asian ministry. We are doing this through building a resource-rich website, hosting Asian networking events throughout the year, and promoting likeminded ministries and events which encourage and equip people for Asian ministry.

Collaborate and Support

We are not seeking to work independently but partner collaboratively with like-minded individuals, local churches, and organisations that are seeking to spread the gospel in Asian contexts. – whether within Australia or outside of Australia. This can sometimes mean working collaboratively with others on projects, while at other times simply supporting and encouraging existing strategic Asian ministries.

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