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We are delighted to announce that we have a new faculty appointment for 2023. Jason Bryan-Brown, who has been a fixture at the college for a number of years as a student, and then a tutor and lecturer, has agreed to take on a full-time teaching role at BST.


The timing of this appointment will prove a real boon to our students. Over the next two years, a number of our faculty members will be away for six months each on study leave or long-service leave. This is an important time for these faculty, as they are afforded an opportunity to recharge, but also to take on other speaking engagements, write books, work on research papers, and more. The addition of Jason to our faculty will help to cover the gaps that would have otherwise existed in our teaching program.

Employing Jason in this position was not in our budget for 2023, and we need your help to cover this additional cost of $22,000 per year. Thank you for your help!

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