The Living Wholeness Institute has partnered with Brisbane School of Theology to deliver courses in God-Centred Transformation and God-Centred Relationships.

The Living Wholeness Institute seeks to develop training, resources, and a vibrant community that equips people to grow in transformation and give life to others.
John ‘found’ the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF) as he was preparing for his psychiatry exams in the 1980’s. John always says he is more the finder than the founder. God revealed this to him as he studied and desired to find a systematic approach to integration of biology, theology, psychiatry, and psychology, that offered a way to understand human nature wholistically. The CWF was the outcome. Although a few minor adaptions have been added over the years, the basic format is still the same as when John found it.

The Christian Wholeness Framework is the ‘operating system’ used by those associated with Living Wholeness Ltd., an Australian not-for-profit company established as a platform from which to share the Christian Wholeness Framework.

Brisbane School of Theology is an inter-denominational bible college situated in Toowong, with a heart for training disciples who are shaped by God’s word to serve His world. Since 1943, the college has produced more than 1700 graduates, many of whom have gone on to serve the Lord as pastors, missionaries, church leaders and evangelists.

This partnership brings together the strengths and experience of both organisations to further develop the people of God, and help shape disciples who are trained and ready to provide pastoral care and support, both in a professional mental health context and through the ministry of the church.

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