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How can we be sure God loves us?

So why is it that God’s love for us often seems to be something we know better in our minds than in our hearts? Is there something to be learned from my experience with Jackson? At first the answer would appear to be an unequivocal no. If my children feel unloved because I have failed them in some way, then it’s my fault. But if we feel like God does not love us, surely God is not to blame.

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Fleeing to God

What is the one thing in your life at the moment that you know God wants you to do but you are not doing it? Where you are holding back? Resisting? Or even being plain disobedient?

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Building fund tax appeal 2015

Did you know that gifts to the BST Building Fund is tax deductible? This year we hope to raise $100,000 toward the improvement of college resources and facilities. We need your support to fund projects like the installation of solar panels (helps us to save on the rising electricity costs) and the renovation of accommodation for students.

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The Psalms are necessary

Viewing the Psalms as “tools for prayer” is a very helpful way to understand their role and to remember that we need to use them. How much can we do in our natural lives without tools? How do you grow or cook food without tools? How do you construct anything without tools?

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Spiritual maturity

In 2011 the US based Barna Research group conducted a study on how Christians defined spiritual maturity.[1] The study found that “Most Christians…four out of five (81% in fact)…equate spiritual maturity with following the rules” – things like reading the Bible, prayer, going to church, being moral. I can identify with this…

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