Thousands of books loaned


Helen and Yarran Johnston, BST alumni and current research student.

The BST library has 929 borrowers and more than 12,000 books have been loaned this year. Through the generosity of our supporters, BST was able to buy 341 new books and subscribe to journals and online databases.

Next year we are looking to invest in an e-book collection for students to make learning resources more accessible for those who may find it difficult to attend campus during library hours, especially part-time students and those doing intensive units.

We recognise God’s provision and generosity through supporters who have invested in the BST library, helping to equip students like Yarran Johnston as well as the public who are welcome to use the library resources.

Yarran began his Master of Theology research on ‘Godliness’ in August 2015.  He originally completed his Master of Divinity at BST in 2013 and had a keen interest in pursuing research on Thomas Watson’s practical divinity.

What it means to be ‘godly’ is a perennial question that we are still asking 2,000 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection,” Yarran says.

“Thomas Watson’s works on godliness got me interested in what he had to say as to what it means for Christians to be godly and what the Puritan view was in that time of history on those issues.”

“Specialising in this area of research as part of a Master of Theology made sense as the right next step as I have a desire to teach at a Bible college someday.”

One of the challenges for a research student is to maintain discipline and routine to continue research and writing, even when the semester is over for the other students.

For Yarran, living on campus with his wife Helen, who is also a BST graduate, and their two-month-old daughter, the convenience of having the library at his doorstep is a big plus as he’s been doing research full-time.

“I’ve spent 90 percent of my research and writing in the BST library. On the odd occasion, I have also taken advantage of the interlibrary loan program, which enables me to borrow certain books from interstate without the hefty cost of travelling to a different library. Other primary resources have been accessible online, which has been very helpful as well,” Yarran says.

We’d love for you to continue praying for us and investing in the resources that help our students to know God’s word so that they can take it to the world.