Theological education and trusting God

Wally Wang

Dr Wally Wang, Director of Chinese Program

If you were told to leave now to hide indefinitely in the gully of a mountain and wait there to be fed by ravens, would you go? Most of us probably wouldn’t! But that’s exactly what God instructed Elijah to do and he obeyed.

Why did God instruct Elijah to do this? Why send him to such an obscure location where the water supply would eventually dry up and the food delivery dependent on birds? Not only that, God then sends Elijah to a widow who barely had enough food to feed herself and her son. What we find in 1 Kings 17 makes no sense in logical terms. Many of us would struggle to obey God’s commands if we were in Elijah’s position. But there was a purpose for it. Wally reminded us in this morning’s chapel sermon that in the midst of theological education and training, our purpose and our focus is really about trusting God.