DipTh, AssocDipAppSc (Aeronautics), Cert III (Carpentary and General Construction)

Before working at BST, Jonny pursued his love of flying and qualified as a commercial pilot. Then he spent ten years getting up outrageously early to work in the construction industry. Now he spends his days providing pastoral care to the residents and students of BST, while also being handy with renovating and looking after the college facilities, as well as introducing the office to hilarious YouTube videos. During his time at BST, Jonny has also managed to squeeze in a Diploma of Theology. Jonny and his wife, Liz, together with their four children, live on campus and they go to Rosalie Baptist Church. If you come and join us here you’re bound to be invited for dinner at Ville de Lush at least once, and the great food you’ll get is almost as much of a blessing as the hospitality and encouragement you’ll receive from their whole family. In fact, Jonny’s love of people is really only rivalled by his love for his four-legged friend, Rooka.

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