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Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you

It’s only fitting that as the semester starts, we welcome new people to the BST community. In Romans 15:1-7, Paul tells us to ‘welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you’ (ESV). But what does that look like? Is it a mere formality or does it require more of us?

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Allied health and lightbulb moments

What does crocheting, physiotherapy and Bible college have in common? Not much for most people, but for one of our BST students in her mid-20s, they are the very things she loves to pour her time and effort into doing. We caught up with K to find out a little more about what she does…

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Opportunity knocks on 18 July 2017

This month’s opportunities include being a Families Pastor in Wynnum, Cafe Manager in Springwood, Doctor in Papua New Guinea, Bible College Lecturer in Portugal and a First Aid Trainer in India.

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How do I read the Bible?

At some point in our Christian lives we have been told that one of the best things we can do is to read the Bible. However, the assumption that we often make is that because we can read, then we are equipped to read the Bible. That will only get us so far.

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Opportunity knocks on 29 June 2017

This month’s opportunities include being an Analyst Programmer in Cairns, a Welder Trainer in Africa, Social Worker in Bangladesh and a Teacher in Central Asia.

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What is the Insider Movement?

For a Muslim to convert to Christianity—especially in Muslim-majority countries—it comes with severe consequences including being ostracized from their family and community or at worst, being killed for their new-found confession in Christ.

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