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Expository preaching with Mike Raiter

In the December 2013 edition of Top of the Mount we contrasted the benefits of the two most commonly adopted preaching methods: expository and thematic preaching. We’re taking it a little further in 2015, running an expository preaching intensive at BST with Mike Raiter (Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching in Melbourne).

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A long way from India

Growing up in India as a young man in a syncretic Hindu family, it was unlikely that I would have considered Tasmania for my future, let alone being in Christian ministry. Yet today, I am actively involved in church ministry in Launceston and the state coordinator of CMS Tasmania.

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Why aid and development?

It’s sometimes the case that people with good intentions can muck up aid and development simply from misunderstanding the needs. Ross Farley will be lecturing Aid and Development at BST in Semester 2, 2015. Ross Farley shares some of the challenges in aid and development.

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God owes you no favours

When we give up certain things in our lives to serve God, whether it be a promising career, moving away from loved ones and the creature comforts of home, there may be times when we struggle – financially, emotionally and even physically. It might even lead us to ask, “God, I’ve given up so much for you, why can’t it be any easier?”

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LISTEN: Model Makers

Listen to Rev Dr Richard Gibson’s sermon series on 1 Thessalonians.

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Selfless ants and the Body of Christ

Of all the creatures in the world – lions, sharks, monkeys, the ones I admire most are ants. These little guys are not particularly nice to look at, they eat rubbish, dead things and somehow build colonies in the most unexpected and irritating places – like your car!

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