BST Celebrates 70th Anniversary

When Rev Gwilym Morgans formed the inter-denominational Bible training group in 1943, he may not have imagined it would continue on 70 years later as a thriving and fruitful ministry.
Many hundreds of our past students have taken their knowledge of God’s Word, humbly serving the Lord throughout the world.  As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, take a look below at some of the testimonials of our alumni.  When our alumni refer to Queensland Bible Institute, Bible College of Queensland or Crossway College, they are talking about the college as it was known to them.  We changed our name to Brisbane School of Theology this year, but our commitment remains the same, to develop capable and passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
It is humbling to hear from our past students as they share testimonies about their ministries.  Whether it be in a long-term mission based in India, Africa, Europe or somewhere in Asia, to serving as ministers, chaplains, Bible translators, politicians, lecturers, nurses and so much more.  Our alumni are proof that whoever and whatever you do, God is calling us all to serve Him with our everyday life.
We had a lovely time with our alumni at the recent Alumni Celebration Dinner to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the college.  To see photos from the event or read the testimony of  Bob Harvey (BST graduate and guest speaker at the dinner), please click the links below.
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Alumni – The Hon. Tim Mander – Queensland Minister for Housing and Public Works

Tim Mander
Tim studied his Bachelor of Ministries at the college when it was Bible College of Queensland.

“I consider it a privilege to be a Member of Parliament and mostly the work I do is very rewarding. I feel my gifts are really being used in this job, and the knowledge of practical Theology I gained…has been such a blessing as I’ve strived to live out my faith in a very challenging environment.” (Read the December 2013 edition of Top of the Mount where Tim’s story is featured).
“A good knowledge of practical theology is essential in Christian leadership. I work in an extremely challenging environment and regularly face difficult decisions – but my faith stands firm, undergirded by sound teaching from a well-respected college.”
Alumni – Valda Langton, Missionary to India as a nurse with WEC
Valda graduated from the college when it was Queensland Bible Institute in 1955.  Valda shares her testimony of when she first knew she wanted to be a missionary.

Alumni – John Coulson – BST Acting Principal and Academic Dean

John studied his Bachelor of Theology (Hons) and Master of Theology at the college when it was Bible College of Queensland.

Why did you choose this college?
“I was prompted by a strong sense of God’s call to teach His Word.  In 1996 I started my first year at Bible College of Queensland (BCQ).  I had completed my Diploma of Ministry at another college, but was convinced that I needed to study further at BCQ.  Many years before I attended a seminar on creation at BCQ and the college stuck in my mind.  What appealed to me was that the college was inter-denominational and I associated the place with good, solid biblical training.  I felt that having a broader evangelical understanding and exposure to Christians from other denominations was important to my growth.”
What was it like for you as a student back then?
“The format was a bit different from what we have now.  The exams were all held at the end of the year.  I was studying three subjects per semester, but I was treated like a full-time student.  I didn’t live on campus at the time, but I felt well connected with the other students who lived onsite.  Work prac was a bit different too.  We spent three hours every week helping out with cleaning, mowing the lawns and helping Ian the cook and property manager at the time.  I really enjoyed the fellowship groups and have made life-long friends from those groups.  Being able to get to know people from other churches was a real blessing.”
Can you tell us about your lecturers?
“In my first year I had Ken Newton (former Principal), Peter Ralphs (former Principal) and Ivan Bowden (former Deputy Principal) as my lecturers.  Johan Ferreira (former Principal and current Lecturer at BST) also started that year and he was my lecturer for Introduction to New Testament in second semester.”
What was your favourite subject?
“I really enjoyed 1 Samuel with Ken Newton.  He made the Book come to life.”
How did Bible college impact your life and ministry?
“Coming to this college gave me a solid biblical and theological framework for my life and ministry. It also increased my heart for mission.  Studying the mission subjects increased my understanding of mission and the Lord’s Great Commission to the church.  I have been involved in mission trips in Australia and overseas: in India, the Philippines, Nepal, Thailand and other Asian countries.
Now as a lecturer at the college, I enjoy teaching God’s Word and helping students to grow in their biblical and theological knowledge and discipleship. I love seeing people grow spiritually and being equipped as servants of God’s Word. At least once a month, I also preach at various churches.  I find this challenging because I am not just imparting knowledge. I am seeking to inspire change and move people to believe, obey and love God more. This must also happen in me as I prepare, preach and obey the message. I have learned that the growth of the preacher is critical in preaching. It’s not about being a good “wordsmith”. It’s about God’s words living in me so that I can authentically pass them on to others. I thank God for the privilege of serving Him at the college and for the ongoing opportunity to learn and grow through my ministry.”
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